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Having empathy for users spurs the curiosity to understand how people think.This opens up the possibilities for more ideas to flow and solve a problem space. Gaining empathy about your users closes the gap between the physical system and the goal of the user. Without it. Your just shooting from the hip.

Okay, so you built a website…now what? A lot of people who build a website say if “I build it they will come.” Unfortunately, this statement is totally false unless you’re a celebrity or an individual with a large following. And I can guarantee that the vast majority of the population is neither of these things.


I create user experiences that are MVP (minimum viable products) to increase conversion and lessen page abandonment. This results in a rich and engaging user experience that is aesthetically intuitive and enhances brand loyalty.


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“Bill is an all-encompassing UX designer. He takes the big picture and makes exactly what users need to get from where they start to where you want them to end up. Very senior, personable, and it was a great experience working with someone not only so knowledgeable, but also so willing to learn something new.”

James Pikover, Product Manager,

“Bill is an extremely talented and professional designer. I had the opportunity to work with Bill on numerous projects at Sonic Electronix including website UX/UI design, market research, company re-branding, print design, and much more. He is very detail oriented and process driven to ensure projects are completed properly and to a professional standard. He is also a great art director, manager, and teacher to junior designers.

I have an incredible amount of respect for Bill as a person and as a professional. Any company looking for a designer, UX/UI expert, or creative director, I can sincerely give my full support and recommendation for Bill.”

Seth Wilde Director of Product,

“Simply put, Bill has designed some of the best web sites I’ve seen. And he has the awards to prove it. However, I’ve always been impressed with his management of large Web Development Projects: from conception and design, through development, quality assurance, and successful implementation – Bill knows exactly how to carry a project and team to the end results stakeholders want. Nice Work, Bill!”

Dan Wease, Experienced Project Manager Information Technologies

“Ballistic Designs has created a web presence that rivals our competitors, positioning us as leading brand in the automotive based athletic footwear market. We believe our partnership with Ballistic Designs was a primary catalyst in expanding our distribution channel and our explosive growth in sales.”

David Hewlett, CFO, Piloti Driving shoes

“Scarlet Letters hired Ballistic Designs to design and create a new website, we utilized nothing from our previous one. Early on it became apparent we hadn’t properly thought through how we were going to organize the site. Bill was integral to having us plan properly, designed a site we’re thrilled with, and most importantly we can add content and categories to the site ourselves because of its construction. I recommend him without reservation.”

Ben Schoen President, Scarlet Letters Movie Titles

“His creative ability stretches from integrated marketing programs, brand extensions to complete web design and development. He and his team are a pleasure to work with, they will meet your timeline and budget and they really get it.

I highly recommend Ballistic Designs.”

Ken Doyle, Executive Director of Sales at LISI

“Bill is a talented advertising professional who offers great insight into branding and positioning. His work is solid, with excellent interpretations of sometimes even the most mundane of subjects, which is insanely difficult to do. I’ve worked with many people in Bill’s capacity throughout the years, but not many as creative and as consistent as Bill. I believe any organization would be fortunate to have Bill and his “Ballistic Designs” represent them in the marketplace.”

Courtney Bissett, VP of Marketing, Piloti Driving shoes

“Bill is simply the best! He provides excellent creative and technical work, and he is a joy to work with.”

Jayne Wilks, Marketing Director; Advanced Aesthetic Concepts