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Having empathy for users spurs the curiosity to understand how people think.This opens up the possibilities for more ideas to flow and solve a problem space. Gaining empathy about your users closes the gap between the physical system and the goal of the user. Without it. Your just shooting from the hip.

Okay, so you built a website…now what? A lot of people who build a website say if “I build it they will come.” Unfortunately, this statement is totally false unless you’re a celebrity or an individual with a large following. And I can guarantee that the vast majority of the population is neither of these things.


I create user experiences that are MVP (minimum viable products) to increase conversion and lessen page abandonment. This results in a rich and engaging user experience that is aesthetically intuitive and enhances brand loyalty.


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Over 9 years of hands-on experience creating rich and immersive user experiences that are aesthetically intuitive to use for both desktop and mobile devices. I pride myself as being advocate for the user, practicing user centered design principles as the basis for my design decisions on behalf of the users needs and business goals.

I communicate my vision using techniques such as wireframes and rapid prototyping while keeping in mind key universal design principles at each stage of the iterative user-centered design / UX process. My formal education in Information Technology makes me unique in that I understand the software development life cycle and can communicate with developers and software engineers.



Hoverstate– Sr. UX Designer

Hoverstate is a digital agency specializing in creating innovative solutions in technology for the health and wellness industry. I work closely with the creative department and other stakeholders to establish a strategic user flow for new product development on the UnitedHealthcare small business health insurance website.

  • Involved in strategic planning from ideation through prototyping and testing.
  • Established user work flow diagrams for new products using UML notation.
  • Conducted extensive remote user testing on existing functionality and new products to uncover user pain points. Reduced the gap between user execution and evaluation within the purchasing funnel. Testing experiments included developing test roadmap, writing test script, A/B, multivariate and card sorting.
  • Conducted moderated testing using Camtasia. Recruited and screened test candidates. Develop test plan.
  • Evaluated qualitative and quantitative data from testing results and suggested recommended improvements for better usability based on heuristic methodologies.
  • Shorten the development life cycle saving $60,000 in development cost on a social media campaign for Blue Cross of Idaho, using Unbounce to deliver and optimize landing page performance for better conversion.
  • Developed high-fidelity prototypes using InVision, Sketch and Axure prototyping tools.
  • Designed annotated wireframes using Balsamiq, Sketch and InDesign.
  • Created proto-personas to help focus the product back onto the user throughout the software development life cycle.

MobileCause– Lead UX/UI Designer


My role as the Lead UX UI designer is to improve the existing user flow for a cloud based SAAS solution to help non-profit organizations gain new donors, increase recurring gifts and engage supporters.

  • Improved the information architecture (IA) for the customer facing dashboard and front-end (UI) based on feedback from the customer success team and non-profit clientele.
  • Designed user experience for team’s product in crowd funding by combining business objectives with user research. Including the gamification of team features to encourage product engagement.
  • Received a 90% positive feedback from users of the redesigned donation form setup page by implementing an accordion view.
  • Successfully delivered hundreds of documented UI & UX improvements to JIRA, through live in production releases.
  • Lead design-first strategic planning of new product development and iterative refinements to existing product features.
  • Produced hi-fidelity prototypes using Bootstrap, InVision, Sketch and Axure prototyping tools.
  • Designed MobileCause point of sale iOS and Android App from inception through current release, which has been used to raise over $400,000 to date.

Sonic — Sr. UX/UI Designer / Creative Manager

As the Sr. UX designer my role was to lead, research and complete minimum viable user centric design initiatives for Sonic Electronix business objectives and its customers. This resulted in a frictionless user experience to purchase car and home audio products online.

  • Simplified the return policy process for users increasing conversion 8 to 9% on the OnClick event. Where as the old page converted less then 1%.
  • Improved the purchasing funnel conversion rate to 0.88% resulting in a 12.8% YoY revenue increase.
  • Involved in strategic planning from ideation through prototyping, testing and product release.
  • Updated and improved online processes using best practices and proven design patterns for both desktop and mobile platforms.
  • Spearheaded usability studies and interviews in the wild. Which resulted in decreased page abandonment and increased conversion rate.
  • Re-organized the category and main product pages to create a more minimalistic design that included business rules with over 200 use cases.
  • Conducted multivariate testing to measuring the effectiveness of design combinations.
  • Champion user-centered design methodology for accessibility resulting in ease of learning, ease of use.
  • Produced mockups, wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes using Axure, Balsamiq Mockups.
  • Established new branding guidelines and messaging for Sonic, which helped their online presence as a top Fortune 300 online retailer.
  • Mentored creative talent to ensure consistent quality standards throughout all social media channels, affiliate marketing, email campaigns and onsite web assets.

Ballistic Designs,inc. — Owner / UX/UI designer

Owned and operated my own creative studio for ten years producing unique branding and custom web solutions for clients in the health insurance, automotive and technology industries.

  • Increased online sales for (driving shoe manufacturer) by 400 percent from the previous year by enhancing the website’s functionality and strengthening the company’s branding programs online and offline.
  • Hands on (UI) designer for all web interfaces.
  • Gathered project requirements from stakeholders, marketing directors, and product managers. Document website architecture using sitemaps and UML diagrams for user flow.
  • Produced high-fidelity (UX) prototypes and wireframes using Axure.
  • Managed project life span and milestones using Basecamp.
  • Supervised freelance pool of programmers (on and off-shore), designers,
    and copywriters.
  • Communicated the functionality documentation and client needs to development team.
  • Strategized with copywriters in developing marketing campaigns and content creation to ensure consistent messaging across multiple marketing channels.


Launched my own online golf reservations system called “Level2-Golf” for public and private golf courses.

Redguitar Advertising — Associate Creative Director

My role as an Associate Creative Director was to manage all aspects of the creative process for a wide range of projects and clients in the automotive, technology, telecommunications, sporting goods, and software industries. I enhanced client relationships by delivering quality design and responsive action to client needs.

  • Directed simultaneous projects for both print and web media.
  • Hands on (UI) designer for all web interfaces.
  • Orchestrated product and location photo shoots.
  • Produced innovative web interfaces while managing development teams.
  • Animated title sequences and special FX using Adobe After Effects for Nokia video presentations for the U.S. and Finland corporate offices.
  • Translate creative direction from upper management to freelance staffers and agency employees.
  • Provided a creative design solution that shortens the lifespan of a project, this increases the profitability of the agency while fulfilling the needs of the client.


Launched my own online golf reservations system called “Level2-Golf” for public and private golf courses.

Freelance — Art Director

The Walt Disney Corporation, 360 Designs, Direct TV, MGA Entertainment, The Dupuis Group, The Identity Group


Summary of Skills

User Experience Design (UX), User Interface Design (UI), Interaction Design, HCI (Human Computer Interaction), Usability Testing, User Research, Web Project Management, Product QA, Product Manager, Wireframes, Rapid Prototyping, User Centered Design Best Practices, Hierarchical Task Analysis, Information Architect, Entity Relationship Diagramming, Google Analytics, HTML/CSS coding and browser editing, JQuery libraries (fundamental understanding), Bootstrap (fundamental understanding), Creative Direction, Design Mentoring, Email Campaigns, Copywriting/Message Development, Conceptual Thinker.



Invision, Sketch, Axure 7.0, Balsamiq Mockups, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, Adobe Illustrator CS6, Optimizely, Unbounced, Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Browser Developer Tools, MySql Workbench, Sublime Text, Coda, WordPress, Megento.



Capella University

B.S. in IT Technology with an Emphasis in Systems Development for Mobile Technology.
Deans list 2011-14
Graduated with honors.

UCLA, University Extension


Professional designation program in graphic design and computer graphics offered in cooperation with the UCLA School of Design.



American Web Design Award from Graphic Design USA

American Graphic Design Award from Graphic Design USA

Ventura County ADDY Award