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Having empathy for users spurs the curiosity to understand how people think.This opens up the possibilities for more ideas to flow and solve a problem space. Gaining empathy about your users closes the gap between the physical system and the goal of the user. Without it. Your just shooting from the hip.

Okay, so you built a website…now what? A lot of people who build a website say if “I build it they will come.” Unfortunately, this statement is totally false unless you’re a celebrity or an individual with a large following. And I can guarantee that the vast majority of the population is neither of these things.


I create user experiences that are MVP (minimum viable products) to increase conversion and lessen page abandonment. This results in a rich and engaging user experience that is aesthetically intuitive and enhances brand loyalty.


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About Bill

Fighting the evils of horrid online experiences.


Hi! My name is Bill De Smet and I’m on a mission to make aesthetically intuitive online solutions.

Sure I could get into the holistic approach on how I work (see “The Process”). Throw in some words of praise and tell you that I’m better then the next guy.

The truth is, its hard to find a good creative professional that understands the SDLC (software development life cycle) enough to deliver a product thats minimal viable and engage the user in a gamification kind of way. That’s where my experience really pays-off.

In the beginning I honed my craft at high-profile firms like The Dupuis Group, Disney, GT and Mongoose Bicycles as a traditional graphic designer. I freelanced at some of largest design agencies in Los Angeles and became an associate creative director for Redguitar a local advertising firm where I embraced the Web. It was really my first introduction into HTML. Trial by fire you could say!

My journey continued into my own studio, where for ten years I designed and managed Web projects large and small. I learned by doing. I worked with front and back-end developers to roll out web projects. In essences I was digital project manager a product manager and quality assurance expert. You could say I was wearing a lot of hats.

Since then I decided to plunge head first into a B.S. degree program at Capella University that focuses on developing system solutions for mobile technology. I did this so I have a better understanding on how to communicate with software engineers and developers on a enterprise level and give me the skills to be a UX developer. I felt that if I understood how things worked I can design a better product.

When you hire me you’re getting experience. That experience allows me to quickly get to the core of a tough challenge and develop smart solutions that deliver measurable results.


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